Going out of home and go to a street taqueria and get five tacos with your favorite protein with a glass of agua fresca and a lot of salsa.

This is the most Mexican way to have dinner.

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2 for 1 Monday-Thursdays

I really like the “Ocho” brand as an affordable but really good mixing tequila. And contrary to some of the recipes you will find by the google search (that you of course performed before asking a question about a recipe), I would make gommeinstead of using suger. It’s easy to make yourself, and you can try with different sugars based on what you want to use it for.

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At typical Mexican parties you will always see dozens of children of all ages. Babies not able to walk yet, toddlers in adorable long dresses or little tuxedos, donning sometimes elaborate hairdos (boys and girls) school-aged kids and teenagers. All constantly roaming around, sometimes trying to imitate the adults and trying out some dance moves. Later on, they at times fall asleep on the table, are being watched by a grandmother while Mommy and Daddy dance the night away or get together in a cousin meeting.

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As you’d assume, the coastal regions are the ones most likely to traditionally include seafood in their diets, but one look at the map of Mexico will tell you: Mexico has a lot of coastline! But we try to do the fish Tacos, and our Mexican Shrimp Cocktail is one of our best sellers.

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Food. There’s no more a uniform lunch and dinner for all 123,000,000 Mexicans then there is a uniform lunch and dinner for all Americans, or even all Californians. What they eat in the central areas is different from what they eat on the gulf, and different from what they eat in Baja, or in Yucatan.


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Restaurant Services​​​​​​​

The Perfect Harmony​​​​​​​

Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

Great food, Cheap eats, Great food, Large Portions. Owensboro, KY.

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Fish Taco's are one of my favorite when I go out. I don't think that they have them in Mexico. They Fix whoe fish then use the tortilla to pick up and eat the fish. At least that has been what I have seen there when I went to Mexico, (I am American that likes Mexican food.)


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